The Benefits of Hiring Movers in Gainesville, GA that Offer Storage Services

Movers in Gainesville GAIf you’re in search of movers in Gainesville, Georgia, you might be wondering the kind of services you’ll want them to provide. While some moving companies may offer basic options, such as loading and unloading services, there are some that offer more, such as storage facilities. A storage facility can be especially convenient if you are:

  • Downsizing – If you’re moving to a smaller home, putting your items in storage gives you more time to decide what to do with them. This means you don’t have to rush to determine which belongings you’ll sell or donate. Instead, you can take your time and see which items you want in your new home.
  • Needing a highly secure facility – The storage facilities offered by professional movers in Gainesville can be more secure than public ones. For example, Buckhead Movers has a 100,000 square-foot storage facility that requires clearance simply to access it. Additionally, the items at our facility are custom-crated and can only be accessed through a forklift, further ensuring your items’ safety.
  • Interested in simplifying a short-term move – If you know you’ll be living somewhere for less than a year, you can opt to store your items instead of unpacking them only to pack them back up a few months later.

To enjoy the benefits of having a secure storage facility at your disposal, as well as the assistance of a professional moving company, contact Buckhead Movers today. We’d be happy to help you learn more about how we compare to other movers in Gainesville, GA.