Movers Atlanta GAAfter assisting countless movers in the Atlanta, Georgia, area since 1985, Buckhead Movers has developed some strategies to help you with your transition.

Like many other Atlanta area movers have found, a relocation is a great opportunity to weed out any unnecessary belongings that you may have accumulated over the years. Start in one room, and sort through closets, drawers, and other places where clutter may accumulate. Diligence now will pay dividends later in the form of a more organized home.

Atlanta movers have also found the following advice helpful when preparing for moving day:

  • Clean as you go. Clean your old house a little bit at a time in each stage of the moving process. Once your items are boxed up in one room, do a quick clean-up of the area. This way, you will drastically reduce the need for whole-house cleaning after everything is moved out.
  • Organize, organize, organize. Color-code your boxes using different colors of duct tape. Choose one color for clothing, and another for toiletries. Or, choose one color for each room of the house. If you simply write on the boxes, you may not have the specificity you desire later on when it comes time to unpack. Color-coding now means less stress on a tired brain later.
  • Make handy repair kits. Keep a small glass jar of touch-up paint nearby, or a small tub of spackle and a spackling knife, to make simple repairs to damaged walls as they are uncovered by you or your movers. Atlanta has many fine home improvement stores where you can purchase these supplies. As mentioned above, diligence now will pay dividends later. A little bit of repair effort applied consistently over time will minimize the need to come back and spend large amounts of time making repairs later.

For additional information on how to prepare for your move, contact us today. Buckhead Movers is the Atlanta area’s preferred choice for moving cargo.