Movers Atlanta GAWhether moving to or from Atlanta, movers like you are well-served by making a checklist in advance of moving day. Having a list prepared ahead of time will help you manage what can often be a chaotic event. Here are a few suggestions for tasks to include on your custom-tailored checklist, and a suggested timeline for accomplishing them:

  • Six weeks prior to moving day: This is the time to coordinate your Atlanta movers. Set your date, talk with your movers about any special needs or concerns you may have, and make sure your new residence will be clean and ready for occupancy.
  • Three to six weeks prior: Start handling your notifications. Make sure your utility companies and health care professionals know about your change of address and the date when the change will be effective.
  • One to three weeks prior: Start getting rid of flammables and any caustic substances, like gasoline and paint thinner. Contact your municipality to ensure you dispose of these items properly. If they will be transported, contact your Atlanta movers to guarantee you store these materials properly for safe transport. Also, give some thought to your houseplants and pets to ensure their needs are met during the move.
  • One day prior: Shut down and unplug any electronic appliances so they have a chance to cool down before transport. If your Atlanta movers are relocating large appliances, make sure these items are prepared. For instance, wrap up all hoses for your washer and dryer, and store them inside the appliances to make it easy to find them when you go to hook them up again.

For more information on preparing for your move, contact Buckhead Movers. Atlanta area residents have consistently chosen Buckhead as their professional movers of choice since 1985.