Movers Atlanta GALet’s face it: Moving can be stressful on everyone involved. And while we at Buckhead Movers in Atlanta, Georgia, are committed to doing everything we can to eliminate that stress, we can only do so much to ease any emotional impact a move may have on your children. However, we have several suggestions for you and other Atlanta area movers to help your children embrace that transition.

As a parent, one of the most important things you can do is listen. Your children will have a variety of feelings and reactions as they say goodbye to the familiar and move into the unknown. Acknowledge those emotions without being dismissive. If appropriate, tell them that you share their feelings, but also explain the positive ways in which you are coping with the many changes involved with a move. Your children will respond well to your positive honesty.

Other strategies for easing the transition include:

  • Incorporating your children. Movers in Atlanta and elsewhere usually have many decisions to make, which means loads of opportunities to involve your children. For instance, ask their input in making a list for the desired attributes of your new home or invite them to help choose a color for their new bedroom.
  • Personalizing his or her boxes. Give your children stickers, markers, crayons, or other tools to allow them to mark their boxes. This gives them an increased sense of investment, and adds to their excitement when they see their special boxes carried in by the movers. Atlanta has many arts and crafts stores that can help make this project fun and distinctive.
  • Commemorating your old home. Mark the transition by creating a scrapbook with your children so they can always remember their former home. Offer your children the opportunity to have a moving party with their friends. Or, before the movers make your Atlanta relocation complete, take a tour of the old neighborhood as part of the goodbye process.

Allowing your children to be active participants in your move will help them ease into your new home. For a truly stress-free move, make Buckhead Movers of Atlanta your moving company of choice. Contact us today to learn more.