Local Movers Norcross GAIf you are in need of local movers in the Norcross, Georgia, area, then look no further than Buckhead Movers. We know that even local moves can involve circumstances that require top-notch moving expertise to handle. Buckhead Movers has been the local movers Norcross residents have trusted since 1985 due to our ability to handle any type of moving situation that may arise. We can get you into your new home efficiently and with as little stress as possible.

Buckhead Movers are also the local movers who can be trusted for specialty moves. For instance, Buckhead is the expert at moving large and fragile items such as pianos, chandeliers, and pool tables. We also have the expertise to safely transport delicate antiques, making us the preferred local movers for those needing to relocate the contents of high-end estates.

In addition to our expertise and professionalism, another reason we are able to handle any type of move is that Buckhead uses the best trucks in the business. Our trucks are:

  • Equipped with air ride suspension, meaning there is less chance of content damage than in rental trucks.
  • Tracked with GPS, so we’ll be able to tell you exactly where your belongings are during transport.
  • Larger than moving company standard, with our smallest truck being 26 feet long. Most moving companies’ trucks start at 24 feet.
  • Driven only by Buckhead’s professionals who have undergone extensive driver training.

Because of our expertise and ability to transport even delicate and expensive items with confidence, we have also become known as the local movers to call for relocating Norcross area businesses. Buckhead Movers is skilled at corporate office relocation, including cubicle break-down and set-up.

To learn more about all the ways Buckhead can help you move in the Norcross, GA, area, give us a call today for an estimate.