Local Movers Atlanta GAAs you prepare for your local movers to transport your belongings from one home or office to another in Atlanta, GA, there will undoubtedly be some items that simply shouldn’t – or can’t – be entrusted to others. For certain belongings, it’s just wise to keep them handy while you settle into your new location. For others, laws may prohibit having your local movers transport them.

For instance, any items that are deemed hazardous cannot legally be transported by moving companies. Gasoline, pesticides, poisons, paint thinner, and other such materials are prohibited for your local movers to transport. However, nail polish remover, liquid bleach, lighter fluid, hair spray, and other aerosol cans also are potentially dangerous and should be either discarded before the move or transported separately in a safe, secure manner.

There are also those items that some people choose to keep close at hand during their move, including:

  • Medications and medical equipment
  • Personal identification information, like birth certificates, Social Security documents, banking information, etc.
  • Important personal papers such as deeds, wills, vehicle titles, etc.
  • Jewelry and other valuables
  • Family photos, heirlooms, and other irreplaceable items

Your local movers are usually happy to provide you with a list of items that they either can’t or shouldn’t transport. It’s important to take these items into consideration when you are planning your move. If you are going to transport them on your own, make sure you reserve enough space in your vehicle.

For more information on what cannot or should not be handled by your local movers, contact the preferred moving company for residents in Atlanta, and throughout Georgia – Buckhead Movers. We’re proud to help homeowners and businesses experience an economical, stress-free move.