Local Movers Atlanta GALike other local movers in the Atlanta, Georgia, region, you may be excited when it comes to moving into a new home. But in the midst of that excitement, some people either forget to properly change their address, or fail to make the change in all of the important areas of their lives. Buckhead Movers has decades of experience helping local movers make their transition nearly effortless, and so we offer up the following advice for changing your address.

One of the biggest mistakes local movers often make is to forget that their home address affects more than just mail delivery. Medical information, wills, investments, vehicle records, pet registration, veterinary records, and bank information all rely on an accurate address. Buckhead Movers is happy to provide a more complete list of the various important documents that will need attention when you move.

Here are some ways in which local movers can protect themselves from headaches when changing their address:

  • Be accurate – Look carefully at all of the documents regarding your new location, and then verify the address information with your realtor or landlord. You should be especially careful when moving into a new development, as sometimes the street names and house numbers that were originally planned for the development will change as construction progresses.
  • Be direct ­– A change of address with the post office only covers first class mail, meaning the periodicals and other standard mail items you receive regularly won’t be forwarded to your new home. Make sure you directly contact everyone who sends you mail, so your new address gets changed at the source.
  • Be thorough – Make sure every member of your household is listed on your change of address forms. Even if your son or daughter is too young to receive mail, it’s never a bad idea to cover your bases just in case.

Be sure to pay attention to all of the ways in which your new address needs to be documented. And, be sure to contact professional local movers like Buckhead Movers to help with all of your moving needs. We’re proud to serve residents in and around Atlanta, GA.