Household Movers Atlanta GAOnce the household movers have helped you complete your move in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, it’s now time to start unpacking. By breaking this process down into these seven steps, it can make the task of unpacking all those boxes house seem much less daunting.

  1. Take an inventory to make sure the household movers delivered all items and boxes. Ideally, you have clearly labeled all boxes during the packing process so that the household movers could place them in the correct room. This way you can tackle each room individually.
  2. Unpack your essentials box first, which should contain items needed to get you through the next couple of days, such as basic toiletries for the family, bed sheets, and some clothes.
  3. Unpack the bathroom. Get a shower curtain up if needed, put out all toiletries needed, then stock the medicine cabinet so that medications are easily found.
  4. Unpack the kitchen. Start by getting appliances hooked up, then decide where smaller appliances such as the toaster will go. Next stock the cupboards, and then the drawers.
  5. Put together any furniture needing to be assembled. Preferably the household movers have already placed the furniture in the correct room.
  6. Unpack the bedrooms, letting your kids have input on how their room will be set up (if applicable).
  7. Unpack the garage, and try to make it as organized as possible.
  8. Make the space your own by unpacking and displaying décor and artwork.

These steps do not need to be completed in one day. If you still have some unpacking to do, set aside a few hours each weekend to complete it, while also making time to get to know your new Atlanta neighborhood.

The household movers at Buckhead Movers can help make your move as efficient as possible. We even offer packing and unpacking services that can take much of the work of moving off your plate. For more information on the services our household movers provide in Atlanta, GA, contact Buckhead Movers today.