Household Movers Atlanta GAIf you have hired household movers in Atlanta, Georgia, to only transport your belongings, but will be packing your home yourself, then there are different considerations that must be taken for packing each room. The dining room tends to hold some of the most valuable and fragile items in the home, so this is a room that should be given some special attention. Some tips for packing the dining room include:

  • Wrap china and glassware individually with plenty of plain wrapping paper that will not leave marks on these fine pieces. Mark these boxes as extremely fragile so the household movers will take extra care when transporting them to your new location in Atlanta.
  • Place plates at the bottom of boxes, then bowls and/or mugs on top of those. You can find boxes with partitions that are specifically made for packing glasses. Use bubble wrap to fill in any gaps in the sides of the boxes.
  • Wrap silverware in newsprint or plastic wrap to prevent tarnishing. If the silverware has its own box, use a piece of tape to secure the box to make sure it does not open during transport.
  • Secure all drawers or doors or furniture pieces, or inquire to see if the household movers will be wrapping these pieces before transport, to keep them from opening during the moving process.

Buckhead Movers has been completing household moves since 1985 to total customer satisfaction. We will take extra care with your fragile belongings, and securely wrap all furniture to prevent scuffs and scrapes. Our packing services can also take the task of carefully packing all your household goods off your plate. To learn more about hiring our household movers in Atlanta, GA, contact Buckhead Movers today.