Will Moving Companies Store Your Stuff?

Moving Company Often times a move requires you to downsize to a smaller home that doesn’t have enough space for you to store all of your belongings. But, what if you don’t want to get rid of anything? The obvious choice would be a storage unit, but that requires you to find a way to transport your items there. You may be wondering if a moving company would be able to provide the services needed to get your stuff to storage as well as to your new home. This inevitably leads to the ultimate question: Can and will moving companies transport your extra belongings to a storage facility? After all, that would be more convenient than dealing with two separate companies. The answer depends on who you choose to hire, because not all moving companies provide this service. By doing some research and asking the right questions, you can figure out if the moving company you’re looking to hire provides this service.

Buckhead Movers – The Moving Company That Also Provides Storage Options for Residents Moving to or from the Alpharetta, GA, Area

When you turn to Buckhead Movers for your storage needs, you can feel confident your items will be secure because our storage facility has:

  • 24-hour security – Proper authorization is required to enter our storage facility, so you won’t have to worry about strangers wandering in and stealing your stuff. Plus, it’s equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, motion detectors, and fire trouble monitoring, giving you peace of mind your items will be safe.
  • Short and long-term storage options – From a cost-effective general warehouse to private rooms and vaults that are climate controlled, we have the perfect storage solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Tracking system – All of your items will be tracked with a barcode system, ensuring that none of your items will get lost.

To learn more about the storage options we have available for your move to or from the Alpharetta, GA, area, contact the moving company you can trust, Buckhead Movers, today.