What to Do If Your Moving Company Is Late

Younger woman checking watchAfter weeks of planning, the day of your big move is finally here! You’ve got everything ready and a team of movers coming to get everything packed up and out the door. However, what happens if the time they were supposed to arrive has come and gone and you’re now pacing and wondering where they are? Here’s what you should do if your moving company is late:

Check Your Contract

The best place to start is the contract that you signed when you hired your moving company. First, double-check the date and time that your movers were supposed to arrive—it is possible to have gotten mixed up in all the moving chaos. Also be sure to double check whether the company gave you a specific arrival time or a window of time. If they are in fact late, look for any instructions or details in your contract that cover this. If not, the next step is to:

Give Them a Call

Get into contact with your moving coordinator or someone from the company by giving them a call. Explain the situation and that you’re wondering when the movers will be arriving at your home. Best case scenario: They say they’re running late and will be there within the hour, you just have to keep hanging tight. Worst case scenario: They have to postpone or cancel. Then what?

Hire Same-Day Movers

If you absolutely can’t rearrange your moving schedule, you might need to find a back-up plan, otherwise known as same-day movers. Many moving companies, including the professionals at Buckhead Movers, offer same-day moving services for situations like this.

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