Smyrna MoversOur Smyrna movers have helped residents move across town and across the state of Georgia, and in that time have gained useful knowledge on making a move go smoothly for the customer. One common mistake people make is that they do not realize there are actually things you should not pack up in boxes for the Smyrna movers to transport.

Here are a list of items that you should not pack:

  • Chemicals, paints, and aerosols – It is against the law for any moving company to transport these substances in moving trucks, as they pose a fire hazard. Be sure to dispose of all chemicals prior to moving day. Our Smyrna movers can supply you with a complete list of substances that they cannot transport.
  • Perishable food – Food that is fresh, especially food that requires refrigeration or freezing, as it will most likely be spoiled by the time it reaches your destination, and this is especially true the further your destination is from your Georgia home. Make it a point to eat or dispose of all perishable food in the days leading up to moving day.
  • Items you will need immediately – In the chaos of moving, some people throw every single item into a box, only to get to their new home and realize they need some items right away. Pack a bag with toiletries, pajamas, bed sheets, toilet paper, paper towels, and clothing for the next few days, and bring this bag with you in your vehicle, instead of giving it to the Smyrna movers. This ensures you have what you will need immediately upon arrival.

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