Roswell GA MoversOur Roswell movers can tell you that when thinking about preparing to move, most of our Georgia customers think about packing the inside of the house. This means that packing the garage or tool shed is often done haphazardly and last minute. For a less stressful and more efficient move, it is important to leave ample time to sort and pack every room of the house.

Here are some tips for packing the garage so you can help ensure these items arrive undamaged:

  • Tools – Store all tools that will fit into your toolbox. If you do not own a toolbox, now might be a good time to invest in one. Longer tools that will not fit into a box, such as rakes and shovels, can be tied together using a sturdy cord. Use old linens or purchase bubble wrap to cover anything with sharp blades, such as hedge clippers. You may also be able to use moving blankets provided by your Roswell movers.
  • Gas-powered items – Machinery that requires gas, such as lawn mowers, weed whackers, and chain saws, need to be completely drained of both the gas and oil before you move. Roswell movers will not transport these combustible liquids, as it is a safety hazard. Dismantle these items and pack them in sturdy boxes, if possible.
  • Cars – If you are moving locally within Georgia, then you can likely drive your car behind the moving truck to your destination. If you have more than one car with no one available to drive the other, or if you are moving long distance and will be flying to your location, then check with the Roswell movers to see if you can tow a car behind their truck.

The team at Buckhead is more than happy to help pack and relocate the contents of your garage as well as the rest of your home in Georgia. To learn more about hiring our Roswell movers for your upcoming move, contact us today.