Relocating to Atlanta GAIf you are relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, from another state, then there are some extra tasks that must be completed for this type of move as opposed to a relocation that is within the same state. Many documents and registrations are state-specific and will need to be updated to reflect your new state of residence. Often these must be updated within a specific time-frame, so it is best to start thinking about these items before relocating to Atlanta. Some of these documents include:

  • Driver’s license – In the state of Georgia, new residents have 30 days to transfer their out-of-state driver’s license to a Georgia driver’s license. Check with the Department of Driver Services to learn what documents you will need to bring in order to complete this, as these rules can change frequently.
  • Car registration and insurance – New residents also have 30 days to transfer the registration of their vehicle to a Georgia registration. But, first you will need to update your auto insurance policy to reflect your new state of residence, so that you can show proof of insurance when registering your car.
  • Voter registration – You will not be able to vote in Atlanta if you are still registered in your former state of residence. Even if an election is not coming up, it’s best to update this as soon as possible to ensure you are registered before any deadlines.

Buckhead Movers can assist those who are relocating to Atlanta from other states, as well as from anywhere else within Georgia. We offer an array of moving and packing services that can make your relocation go smoothly, so you can focus on updating your documents to your new state of residence.