Professional Moving Services Atlanta GAIf you are using professional moving services for a relocation in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, then there are some things you must be aware of in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises on moving day. Some things you should not do when hiring movers include:

  • Paying in cash – If a moving company says they only take cash, this is a red flag that they could be untrustworthy, because you will have no recourse should they take off with your belongings. When you pay for professional moving services with a check or credit card, you can stop payment should the movers not show up at your Atlanta area destination.
  • Giving important documents or items of high sentimental value to the movers – Documents such as birth certificates and passports should be kept with you, in the case of delays in delivering your items. Plus, even the most reputable movers can lose items from time to time, so it may be best to keep family heirlooms and other irreplaceable items with you as well.
  • Using a moving company that subcontracts your move – Sometimes movers will take your business, but then let another, lesser known company actually handle your belongings. This can cause you to be stuck in the middle of a blame game between the two companies should your items go missing.

Buckhead Movers accepts credit cards as payment, and we will never subcontract your move. Our moving crews are also highly trained to minimize any chance of delays or loss during your move. For more information on our professional moving services in the Atlanta, GA, area, contact Buckhead Movers today.