For Honest Moving Quotes in Kennesaw, GA, Turn to Buckhead Movers

Moving Quotes Kennesaw GAIf you’re searching for accurate moving quotes in Kennesaw, Georgia, look no further than Buckhead Movers. Since 1985, we’ve been offering professional, all-inclusive moving services for local, state-to-state, and even international relocations.

There are many factors that set us apart from other moving companies in the area, including our dedication to using our own full-time employees for every move (as opposed to subcontractors), our ability to accommodate last-minute moves, and our commitment to providing honest moving quotes.

While other companies in Kennesaw may lowball their rates and then shock you with unexpected fees on moving day, Buckhead Movers analyzes a variety of factors to determine the most accurate cost of your relocation. Some of the factors we take into consideration include:

  • Distance of relocation – In order to calculate precise moving quotes, we take into account the total distance we’ll be traveling for a relocation and factor it into our final estimate.
  • Number of trucks – The more trucks that are needed for a move, the costlier the move will be. Fortunately, our trucks are larger than industry standard, which allows us to use fewer vehicles for each move – saving you money in the process.
  • All-inclusive services – Not only can our professional movers transport your belongings to your new home, but they can also pack and unpack them. If you opt for these services, we’ll include them with your estimate.

Getting accurate moving quotes is crucial when determining the right Kennesaw, GA, moving company for you. Contact Buckhead Movers today and we’ll be happy to provide you with the most honest estimate for your relocation.