Moving Quotes Atlanta GAIf you are planning a relocation in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, then it is advisable to obtain moving quotes from companies in the area so that you can get an idea of what the overall cost will be. Choosing a reputable mover over a fly-by-night company can be the difference between a successful move and an extremely stressful endeavor that leaves your items damaged, or worse – missing. And choosing a reputable mover starts with receiving moving quotes that are thorough, accurate, and free of charge.

You may think that providing moving quotes free of charge is simply a courtesy provided by moving companies in Atlanta. While it is beneficial to the customer to receive a quote without paying, if the estimate is non-binding, then the moving company is actually not permitted to charge for it. A non-binding estimate means that the price quoted is just that – an estimate – and the total cost could be slightly higher or lower depending on unforeseen factors. However, even these types of quotes should include a “not to exceed” price. This way, you will still know what the highest possible price of the move will be so that you can budget accordingly. If you are not comfortable with this and want a binding estimate, meaning you want a flat rate set for the cost of the move, then you may have to pay a fee for the estimate.

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