Moving Company Marietta GAEven if you’ve hired a moving company to assist with your relocation in Marietta, Georgia, there are still some things you must do to prepare for moving day. For instance, if you are moving your refrigerator to your new home, then there is some preparation that must go into this as well.

To ensure your refrigerator is ready to be relocated on the day the moving company arrives, you should:

  • Try to limit the amount of perishable food you buy in the weeks leading up to the move, and focus on eating the foods that are currently being stored. Everything will need to be removed from the fridge by moving day, because the moving company will not transport perishables to your destination in Marietta.
  • The day before the move, unplug the refrigerator from the wall to let the evaporator defrost. This is also a good opportunity to clean the inside of the fridge with a food-safe cleaner.
  • Take out loose items such as shelving and ice cube trays and pack them in a separate box, or use tape to secure them inside the refrigerator.
  • When the movers arrive, be sure they use a moving blanket to wrap up the fridge before loading it on the truck to avoid scuffs and scrapes during transport.

Buckhead Movers has been helping people move all sorts of household items, including refrigerators, since 1985. We take great care to wrap and protect our customers’ belongings, such as wrapping appliances in moving blankets, so that they are delivered unscathed. To learn more about what makes us a premier moving company in Marietta, GA, contact Buckhead Movers today.