Moving Company Johns Creek GAWhen deciding which moving company in Johns Creek, Georgia, to hire for your relocation, you may know to ask for a quote and what kind of trucks will be used. But not many people think to ask about whether the company is going to subcontract their move. There are a few reasons why this is an important question to ask.

When a moving company subcontracts a move, it means they have hired a third party company in the Johns Creek area to actually handle the loading, transport, and unloading of their customers’ belongings. A company may do this because they do not have enough trucks or manpower for all their bookings, but they still do not want to turn any business away. The problem with this, however, is that it means that the moving company cannot vouch for the professionalism or trustworthiness of the movers performing the job. This can be especially troublesome for the customer if items go missing or are damaged, because the original company that was hired may not take any responsibility.

To avoid these possible pitfalls in moving, choose a moving company that does not use subcontractors, like Buckhead Movers. We have a large fleet of trucks and a large full-time staff of moving crews. Our movers have been thoroughly vetted with background checks and drugs screenings and are highly trained on proper techniques for lifting, loading, and packing. We do all this so that you can trust your belongings are in the best of hands.  To learn more about our moving services in Johns Creek, GA, contact Buckhead Movers today.