Moving Company Atlanta GAWhen you hire a moving company to handle your relocation in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most important considerations is whether they are known for the reliability of their cost estimates. A trustworthy moving company will want to see first-hand what they will be moving so they can evaluate the necessary size of the vehicle(s) and crew. This is an important step in the process of hiring a professional mover, and shouldn’t be considered optional.

First, do your homework. Gather information on a number of local movers who you may consider hiring. Search out customer reviews and other information that gives you a basic insight into their business practices and the satisfaction of their customers. Pay special attention to any comments related to the reliability of their moving estimates.

Once you have selected several movers for consideration, you may want to follow a process similar to this:

  • Schedule the companies to visit your home on the same day, about two hours apart. Each estimate should take about an hour, but allow for extra time in case the estimating process goes a bit long.
  • Make sure the same person in your family meets with each moving company. That way, you know each company was told the exact same information on what will be moved.
  • Make a list of general questions in advance. Specific questions may come up during the estimate process, but having a list guarantees that you will ask each moving company the same basic questions.

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