Movers Smyrna GABefore you hire movers to help with your relocation in the Smyrna, Georgia, area, you should first request a moving estimate. This should be a written document, and any movers who will not provide you with this information in writing should not be getting your business. The estimate should encompass the entire cost of all the moving services, so that you know what you can expect to pay.

In addition to the cost of transporting your items, you may want to ensure that the movers include the following information in your estimate:

  • Binding vs. non-binding – You will want to make sure you know if the estimate is binding, which means the price quoted will definitely be the price you pay, provided no additional services or supplies were added on during the moving process. If it is non-binding, it means the estimate is more of an approximation and the final price you pay may be higher or lower than what is on the estimate.
  • Transportation costs – Does the estimate include the cost of the gas used by the movers, and if not, is this also going to be added on at the end of the move? This is an important detail because, depending on how far away from Smyrna you might be moving, the cost of gas can be significant and you’ll want to factor it into your moving budget.
  • Moving supplies – You will want to ensure that the estimate also includes the cost of any moving supplies you are getting from the movers, such as boxes, packing tape, stretch wrap, etc.

At Buckhead Movers, we provide honest, up-front, binding moving estimates. We guarantee that the estimate you receive from us will be the price you pay at the end of your move. To learn more about hiring us to assist with your move in the Smyrna, GA, area, contact Buckhead Movers today.