Movers Smyrna GAOnce you’ve hired movers for your relocation in the Smyrna, Georgia, area, it is time to get your belongings packed up. A lot of people look for ways to get boxes inexpensively or even free, but this could end up costing more in the long run in both time and money.

If a box falls apart during the move, the items in it can become damaged, and if the box was visibly flawed before it was handled by the movers, the cost of the damaged items will probably not be covered by the moving company. Your time would be better spent obtaining boxes that are high-quality, so that you can entrust them to the movers with confidence and reduce the chances of boxes arriving damaged at your Smyrna area destination. When getting boxes, you should be sure to look for ones that are:

  • New, not used. There is no way of knowing what the box endured before you used it, so you cannot be certain that it will hold up throughout the moving process no matter how careful the movers are.
  • Made of corrugated cardboard, which means it has a folded cardboard layer sandwiched between two layers of flat, smooth cardboard. This three-layer design makes corrugated cardboard boxes much sturdier than boxes that are made of one flat cardboard layer, so the movers can stack them in the truck with less risk of damage.
  • In various sizes. It is best to pack heavy items in several medium-sized boxes, instead of piling them in one big box. Some movers may not move a box that is too heavy, and it can also be unsafe to have such a large, heavy box stacked among the rest of your belongings in the truck. Put heavy items in medium-sized boxes, and use the large boxes for things like pillows and blankets.

Many moving companies, such as Buckhead Movers, sell high-quality moving boxes in multiple sizes, so the simplest solution may be to purchase your boxes through us. To learn more about the many services we provide for Smyrna, GA, residents, including our moving and packing supplies, contact Buckhead Movers today.