Movers Roswell GAWhether or not you are hiring movers for your upcoming move in the Roswell, Georgia, area, it is important to determine a moving budget. There are many expenses that come along with moving, including some that are not always obvious. Here are some tips from professional movers on what needs to be included in a complete moving budget.

  • Movers – Even if you are not hiring an actual moving company, do you truly intend to move everything by yourself? When enlisting the help of family or friends for moving, there can still be costs involved. For example, many people offer to order a pizza and buy drinks for everyone who helped them move, or perhaps a friend is lending you their truck which you will need to return with a full tank of gas. If you’re hiring professional movers, then be sure to ask if the quoted price includes all fees, or if there will be additional charges added on later.
  • Travel – If you are moving a long distance away from the Roswell area, then the cost of travel will need to be factored into your budget. Hotel stays, meals while on the road, and the fuel costs for your personal vehicle (if applicable) will all need to be considered.
  • Moving insurance – If you are hiring movers, it is advisable to purchase moving insurance through the company. This will reimburse you for belongings that are lost or damaged while in the care of the movers.
  • Moving supplies – The cost of boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and permanent markers can add up quickly. Be sure to research the cost of these items, and make an accurate determination of how much of these items you will need. If you are moving yourself, then the cost of renting a moving truck and filling it with gas will also need to be included.

Buckhead Movers can assist with local and long distance moves, and our upfront moving estimates make it easy for you to account for the cost of movers in your budget. For more information on hiring our moving teams in the Roswell, GA, area, contact us today.