Movers Marietta GAMany movers in Marietta, Georgia, will not transport plant life as part of their moving services. This means if you want to bring plants and trees from your current home to your new home, it will most likely be up to you to transport them. If you do hire movers, however, then they can transport the rest of your belongings, leaving you free to concentrate on transporting plants to your new home.

Here are some guidelines on moving plants successfully:

  • If you are crossing state lines with large plants or trees, you may need to check with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to confirm that you are allowed to transport the plant life. For example, if you are moving from Marietta, Georgia to somewhere in Florida, there could be rules about what sorts of plants can be brought into the state due to potential insect life affecting citrus crops.
  • When possible, remove plants from breakable pots and transfer them to plastic pots. The breakable pots can be wrapped up and packed for the movers to transport. This gives you a lighter load to carry yourself, and lessens the risk of the pots breaking.
  • Do not leave plants in your vehicle for a long time and avoid leaning them against the windows. The sunlight can scorch the leaves and the heat buildup in the car can kill the plants. Try to put the plants in your vehicle right before leaving and take them out as soon as you and your movers arrive at your destination.

Buckhead Movers is one of a few moving companies in Marietta, GA that is able to help customers transport approved plant life, as well as any other household items you might need moved. To learn more about hiring our movers, contact us today.