Movers in Kennesaw GAMany movers in Kennesaw, Georgia, also provide packing services, but if you have chosen to do the packing yourself then there are some things you should know first. One of the rooms that can take the longest to pack is the kitchen, but most people also need to use the kitchen up until moving day. Here are some tips from our movers to help you get the kitchen packed up as efficiently as possible.

  • Pack items that are not frequently used – A week or so before moving day, pack items you know you can get by without, such as fine china only used on special occasions, cookbooks, and specialty utensils like garlic presses, pie pans, cookie sheets, etc.
  • Prepare a box of essentials – Identify the items you will use right up until moving day, as these are also the items you will want to be able to use the first days in the new house, and set them aside in their own box. Our movers in Kennesaw recommend that this includes dish soap, a dish towel, a few plates and sets of cutlery, one pot and pan, coffee and coffee filters, salt, pepper, and some other basic food items for easy meals, like bread, peanut butter and jelly, or cans of soup.
  • Pack pots and pans – Aside from the one pot and pan that will go in your essentials box, pack the rest in sturdy, medium boxes. Do not use large boxes, as once they are filled they will be extremely heavy and difficult to move.
  • Pack plates and glasses – Our movers in Kennesaw recommend using cell boxes, or boxes with dividers in them, for packing glasses and stemware. For plates, use heavy duty medium boxes to reduce the chance of the box breaking.

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