Movers in Atlanta GAMany movers in Atlanta, Georgia, can share stories of customers who were scrambling and throwing items haphazardly into boxes when they arrived at the customers’ homes on moving day. If you wait until the last minute to prepare for moving day, this can not only make the day very stressful, but also create frustration that lasts through the next few days or even weeks as you dig through boxes to find items you need and possibly even find some are damaged.

By taking the time to really prepare for moving day, the movers you hired in Atlanta will be able to provide a much more seamless move.

  • Start going through your belongings two months before you move. While this seems like a long time in advance, it allows for ample time to throw away or donate items you no longer need, such as clothes you don’t wear anymore or books you have already read. This will cut down on the amount of boxes you need packed and transported.
  • Try to use up all household chemicals, such as paint, propane gas, oil, and even nail polish remover. It is against the law for movers in Atlanta to transport these items, and it is highly recommended that you do not attempt to transport these items yourself. Any chemical substance that is not used up by moving day should be disposed of properly.
  • When packing, leave yourself time to do it in an organized way. Pack items that are from the same room together, then label the box with the corresponding room, and note which boxes contain fragile items. This way the movers know where to put the boxes at your new home, and you can spend much less time wondering where your belongings are after the move.

Of course, many movers in Atlanta, Georgia, such as Buckhead Movers, offer packing and unpacking services that can greatly expedite that portion of the moving process. To learn more about hiring our reputable moving team, contact Buckhead Movers today.