Our Movers in Alpharetta, GA, Offer You Essential Tips on How to Move Delicate Items

Movers in Alpharetta GAFor decades, Buckhead Movers in Alpharetta, Georgia, has been transporting all types of items, including fragile and luxurious ones. If you’re preparing for a move and aren’t sure of how to pack your delicate items, consider the following tips:

  • Use corrugated boxes – Unlike regular carton boxes, corrugated boxes can have a double or triple corrugated wall, which provides extra padding and protects the items inside it.
  • Be generous with packing materials – There are a variety of packing materials, including Styrofoam, foam peanuts, and bubble wrap, that can be used to wrap up frail items.
  • Avoid overcrowding – When packing items in a box, refrain from overfilling the container and ensure that there’s enough room for packing materials. Alternatively, you should also make sure that the items are packed snuggly enough to protect them from knocking against each other.

You can avoid the hassle of packing and transporting fragile items by relying on Buckhead Movers in Alpharetta to complete your move. Our professionals know exactly how to pack delicate belongings and can transport all your items in our safe moving vehicles. Unlike the budget trucks used by some moving companies, all of our trucks come equipped with air breaks and air ride suspension. These features help prevent your items from being knocked around and help reduce the risk of damage to your fragile items.

Contact Buckhead Movers in Alpharetta, Georgia, to learn more about the different moving services we offer or to request a quote from one of our experienced professionals.