Buckhead Movers in Gainesville, GA, Has Helpful Tips for Anyone Who’s Relocating with a Cat

Movers Gainesville GAOur movers in Gainesville, Georgia, have encountered a variety of moving situations, especially when it comes to pets. Since cats are known for being particularly flighty and independent, they can sometimes make the moving process a bit more difficult. To make your relocation as easy as possible on your cat, consider following these tips:

  • Throughout the packing and unpacking process, our long distance movers suggest leaving an area of your home to be your cat’s safe place. This should include a water and food bowl, as well as toys, a litterbox, and, if possible, a cat tree. Having this space gives your cat the ability to retreat from the commotion.
  • If you have a cat who spends time outside, try keeping him or her indoor for a day or two before moving. That’s because felines can become frightened by the sight of movers and moving trucks, and might be likely to run away.
  • On your actual moving day, our Gainesville movers suggest putting your cat in an empty room with a litter box while your items are loaded into the truck. Once you’re ready to go, use a pet carrier to take him or her to your new home.

Buckhead Movers can help take care of every aspect of your move, from packing and unpacking to storing your items. Taking advantage of these services can allow you to dedicate more time to your pet and make the move easier on them.

To get an accurate quote or to learn more about the different services we offer in Gainesville, GA, contact Buckhead Movers today.