Movers Atlanta GAMovers in Atlanta, Georgia, have found that proper timing for their relocation is essential, for a wide variety of reasons. Logistics play a major factor in making sure all goes well with your transition to your new home. While we at Buckhead Movers in Atlanta can help with some of those details, we can offer some helpful advice for you to handle the rest.

For instance, it’s a good idea for you to schedule your move for a time when weather conditions will be favorable. We’re fortunate here in the south that we don’t usually have to deal with harsh winter conditions, but weather concerns can be a factor when moving during the steamy summer months. Even if you have hired professional Atlanta movers to do the lifting, you still may need to crawl through a sweltering attic to retrieve seasonal decorations and other stored items in preparation for the arrival of the moving trucks. That attic will be much more tolerable in March than it will be in August.

Here are a few other suggestions for timing your move:

  • Rather than moving from your current residence at the last possible moment, leave yourself plenty of time after your current home is empty so you can come back and clean. If you are hoping to get back your security deposit, or need to have everything in tip-top shape for the realtors, leaving yourself a few extra days will give you time to deal with any unforeseen damage.
  • Time the move so that you’ll have access to your new residence for at least a few days before you plan to arrive, so you can handle any cleaning or preparing that is needed before your Atlanta movers arrive with the furniture and boxes.
  • Give yourself plenty of vacation time before and after your transition, so you aren’t scrambling to accomplish last-minute tasks, such as unpacking, decorating, and accepting deliveries of new furniture.

Buckhead Movers in Atlanta, GA, can help with timing your relocation so that your move will be stress-free. Call us today to learn more.