Movers Atlanta GABuckhead Movers of Atlanta, Georgia, can handle all of your relocation needs from start to finish. However, some of our customers choose – for a wide variety of reasons – to pack and label their own boxes. Doing so without a helpful strategy, however, can create unnecessary stress when it comes time to unpack. Therefore, if you decide against having our Atlanta movers pack your belongings, we suggest you adopt a few helpful methods for keeping your items clearly organized.

First, make sure you use proper packing materials. Gathering boxes from your supermarket and other sources may not always mean you have the right boxes for your move. Boxes designed to ship vegetables and packaged food may not be well suited to keeping your belongings safe. It’s often worth the expense to buy proper boxes that are made from strong cardboard and sized for easy packing, labeling, and stacking.

Here are a few other labeling suggestions from our Atlanta movers:

  • Use a marker to write directly on your boxes. Labels can peel off or get damaged when sliding against other boxes.
  • Whether you are moving yourself or having professional movers in Atlanta do the heavy lifting, use different colors to label boxes for different rooms, so your movers will know at a glance where your boxes belong.
  • Make sure to label the top of each box and at least one side, so you don’t have to continually move boxes to see what’s in them.

If you would like your possessions professionally packed and labeled, Buckhead Movers in Atlanta, GA, is more than happy to help. Our employees are fully trained to pack and unpack your belongings and know how to label your boxes for optimal ease when unpacking. Contact us today to learn more about the many ways we can help you experience a stress-free move.