Why You Should Never Hire a Mover in Atlanta, GA, Who Uses Subpar Trucks

Mover Atlanta GAWhen considering which mover to hire for your relocation in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, there are many factors you must consider. For example, is the company licensed and insured? Does the company receive positive reviews on the Better Business Bureau website? But one factor you may not have thought to research is what kind of trucks the mover uses. Asking a few questions about the company’s moving trucks can help ensure your belongings arrive safely and on time.

One question to ask the mover about their trucks is whether they are late-model, or if the company uses older trucks. Trucks that are several years old are more likely to break down and delay the moving process. Next, you should ask what kind of features the trucks are equipped with. Proper moving trucks should have hydraulic lift gates that make loading and unloading the truck a safer process, and air ride suspension that will limit the amount your belongings are shaken around during transport. If you will be moving a long distance from Atlanta or have a lot of items to move, you should also inquire about the size of the trucks that the mover uses. If more than one truck is required to complete your move, this can add to the cost significantly.

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