Marietta MoversIf you are hiring Marietta movers for your upcoming move in Georgia, but are planning on packing your items yourself, there are some packing techniques that could be of great help to you. Packing items such as books is pretty straightforward, but it can become more difficult when packing extremely fragile or valuable belongings, such as antiques and artwork.

Here are some tips on how to pack these items to help ensure they will arrive safely at their destination:

  • Wrap larger items in stretch wrap to protect them. This is a material similar to plastic wraps used on food containers, but much thicker and stronger, and is especially beneficial for pieces of furniture that may have loose or moving parts because it will keep these parts from breaking or falling off during transport.
  • Put smaller collectibles in plastic or rubber containers filled with bubble wrap, instead of disposable moving boxes. These containers are much less likely to fall apart during transport.
  • Keep extremely valuable or sentimental items with you. If something is literally irreplaceable to you, then it is advisable to transport it yourself rather than entrusting it to even the most reputable Marietta movers.

The Marietta movers at Buckhead are highly experienced in transporting extremely delicate items and antiques, and are happy to help you relocate these items. Additionally, our packing service can help to ensure that these precious items are packed in a way that further minimizes the risk of damage during transport.

To learn more about hiring our Marietta, Georgia, movers, contact Buckhead Movers today.