Long Distance Moving Companies Marietta GALong distance moving companies and local movers tend to offer slightly different services, so when planning your relocation into or out of the Marietta, Georgia, area, be sure to pick the right one. Here are some of the key differences between a local and a long distance moving company:

  • Local Movers
    • A move is typically considered local if it begins within 50 miles of its destination and does not cross state lines, so this type of mover may be licensed to ship goods within the state, but not to transport your belongings across state lines.
    • Local movers are often hired to move one or two large items, such as machinery or pianos, so they may not have large trucks capable of holding an entire household’s worth of goods.
    • These types of moves are generally charged at an hourly rate, instead of by the job, so be sure to get a thorough and accurate estimate prior to hiring a local mover.
  • Long Distance Movers
    • These types of movers are licensed by the state in which they operate, as well as the US Department of Transportation to ship items across state lines.
    • A long distance moving company will typically have large trucks equipped with numerous features that offer better protection for the items within for a long journey.
    • Generally, these movers charge by the weight of all your items or by the job, not at an hourly rate

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