Long Distance Moving Companies Kennesaw GALong distance moving companies and local movers have more differences than many people realize. If you are planning a long distance move out of the Kennesaw, Georgia, area, it is important to hire movers that specialize in these types of relocations so that you can be sure your items will arrive on time and undamaged.

A long distance moving company will be more knowledgeable on how to secure your belongings in the truck for a long journey. A company that is more familiar with local moves may not be as well versed with this, and this can leave your items vulnerable to damage. Plus, long distance movers will likely have climate controlled trucks, so that your belongings aren’t subjected to potentially damaging temperature fluctuations.

Long distance movers will also carry additional licenses and insurance that local movers may not. For example, they should be licensed by the Federal Department of Transportation, in addition to the Department of Transportation for the state in which they operate. Furthermore, long distance movers will be familiar with state-specific shipping guidelines, ensuring your items do not get held up at state lines.

Buckhead Movers has been performing local and long distance moves for Kennesaw residents and businesses since 1985, and we can even assist with international relocations. We are licensed by both the Georgia and Federal Departments of Transportation, so we can cross state lines and get your belongings to you on time. Our moving crews are our own employees who are highly trained on proper protocols for lifting, loading, and securing household and business items for a long distance journey. For more information on what makes us one of the top long distance moving companies in Kennesaw, GA, contact Buckhead Movers today.