Local Movers Smyrna GAWhen you hire local movers to assist with your relocation to Smyrna or elsewhere in Georgia, the cost includes minimum coverage for lost or damaged items through the company’s carrier liability insurance. Moving companies are required by state law to carry this insurance, but the minimum coverage will only reimburse you up to $300 should something happen to your belongings while in the care of the local movers. Because the value of all your household belongings likely totals more than $300, it is advisable to purchase additional moving insurance. But how do you figure out the total value for all of your possessions?

The most organized way to estimate the value of your belongings is to go room-by-room. Determine the value of the items in each room, and then determine an overall value for that room. Then, simply add the value of each room together. Start with the room that has the most expensive items, for example the family room where the biggest TV, sound system, and computer are. Many Smyrna homes also include an attic, garage, basement, and tool shed, so don’t forget about these less-frequently used areas of the home.

It is also important to keep in mind that even when you purchase additional insurance through the local movers, the amount you will be reimbursed is the depreciated value. For example, if you purchased a computer three years ago for $1,000, it is not considered to be worth that much today, so the local movers will only reimburse you a portion of that amount. You can typically research online the depreciated value of high-ticket items such as computers and televisions.

If you are looking to hire reputable movers that are licensed and insured and offer additional moving insurance, call Buckhead Movers; we will handle your belongings with total care. To learn more about hiring our local movers in the Smyrna, GA, area, contact us today.