Anyone Looking for Local Movers in Roswell, GA Should Make Sure to Ask These Questions

Local Movers Roswell GAOut of the many local movers in Roswell, Georgia, it can be difficult knowing which one to choose. In order to make the choice easier, consider asking your potential movers the following questions:

  • Do you have any storage options? If you’re downsizing, it’s very likely that you’ll need a storage facility. Putting your items in storage will give you extra time to figure out how to arrange them in your new space and to decide which ones you’ll give away or sell. If instead you’re doing a short-term move, you’ll also want local movers that offer a storage facility. That way, you don’t need to unpack and set up items only to pack them up again in a few weeks or months. Here at Buckhead Movers, we know the importance of storage, which is why we have a 100,000 square-foot-facility where we can safely store any of your belongings.
  • What kind of equipment do your trucks come with? Local movers in Roswell who opt for budget trucks instead of the right vehicles could be putting your possessions at risk. That’s because a shaky vehicle can cause items to bump into each other and result in damage. Since Buckhead Movers understands the important role that trucks play in the moving process, we ensure all of ours are equipped with air breaks and air ride suspension, allowing for a smooth ride that keeps all of your items in place.
  • Do you use subcontractors? Local movers that use subcontractors can’t always be sure of the type of worker they’ll get. That’s why Buckhead Movers always uses our own full-time employees, all of whom are highly experienced, insured, background checked, and drug tested.

If you want local movers that meet all of the requirements above, you’ll want to contact Buckhead Movers. That’s because we’re committed to never using subcontractors, we have superior trucks, and we have a secure storage facility at your disposal.

To learn more about why Buckhead Movers is the right moving company for you, or to ask any questions about how we stack up against other local movers in Roswell, GA, contact us today.