Local Movers Roswell GAWhen hiring local movers in Roswell, Georgia, there are many things to consider. Of course, most people are not moving experts, which is why we are here to share the top three mistakes we have seen people make when hiring movers, so you can avoid them yourself.

  1. Not getting multiple estimates – Some people make the mistake of hiring the first local movers they call in Roswell, and taking their word on what the final cost of the move will be. A reputable moving company will give you a comprehensive written estimate. This quote gives you the opportunity to confirm what is included in the estimate, so you are not hit with surprise charges after moving.
  2. Not getting an in-home estimate – Some moving companies may simply ask how many rooms are in your current home to determine the cost of the move. Again, this can lead to surprise charges if you did not think to disclose factors that can incur extra fees. Some of these factors can include moving an extremely heavy item such as a piano, or the local movers needing to climb multiple staircases to reach your apartment. An in-home estimate allows for the most comprehensive and accurate quote.
  3. Not asking about moving insurance – As required by Georgia law, licensed and insured local movers will compensate you for lost or damaged items up to $300. If you would like more coverage, you will need to ask the moving company what your options for purchasing additional insurance are. They should provide you with multiple options to choose from, depending on the value of your items.

Buckhead Movers provides comprehensive, in-home estimates, in addition to multiple levels of moving insurance options for our customers. To learn more about hiring our local movers to help you move to or from the Roswell, GA, area, contact us today.