Local Movers AtlantaBuckhead Movers’ experience as local movers in Atlanta, Georgia, has allowed us to get moving down to a science. One common problem we’ve observed over the years is that people often do not allot enough time for organizing and packing. This especially becomes an issue when the local movers show up, as you surely don’t want to still be packing at the same time your movers are loading everything up. By sticking to the following schedule, your move in Atlanta can be much less stressful.

  • Two Months Before You Move: This is the planning stage. Start getting rid of items you no longer use or won’t be bringing with you. Hire local movers in Atlanta now, so you aren’t finding that they are all booked up later. Create a file for all moving-related expenses, since these may be tax deductible, and be sure to get a receipt from the local movers. Finally, start gathering boxes by asking around at work or retail stores.
  • Six Weeks Before You Move: Complete all home improvement tasks on your current home, so these aren’t left until the last minute. If you’re renting, this will help ensure you’ll get your deposit back. File a change of address form with the US Postal Service. Start packing items you won’t need until after the move, such as books, off-season clothes, etc.
  • One Month Before You Move: Confirm your booking with your local movers to make sure they will be there on the big day. Arrange for the utilities to be shut off at your current place and be turned on at the new place. Start to take apart furniture that won’t be needed, such as patio furniture. Continue packing items you won’t need before moving.
  • Two Weeks Before You Move: Dispose of household chemicals, such as paint or oil, since local movers will not transport these. Try to stop buying groceries and eat what you already have, especially perishable items in the fridge and freezer. Pack up items in the rooms that are not used every day, such as the basement, attic, and garage.
  • The Day Before You Move: Pack a suitcase of items you will need at the new house right away – bed sheets, toilet paper, clothes for the next few days, etc. Buy some paper plates and plastic utensils so you can pack up everything in the kitchen. Dismantle all other furniture and just sleep on the mattress on the floor the last night. This will make things go much smoother once the local movers arrive.

Congratulations, you made it to moving day! When the local movers show up, all they’ll have to do is load and go to your new home. Wherever you may be moving in Atlanta, GA, by following this checklist, your move can be much less stressful.