Is PODS Cheaper Than a Moving Company?

Moving Container Side View With Cardboard Boxes

If you’re planning a fairly long-distance move in the near future, you’re probably figuring out the best way to move all of your belongings. If you’ve got enough items, you may be contemplating loading them up into a moving container and shipping that to your new destination. Or, perhaps you’re a fan of the traditional route: hiring a moving company. Of course, money talks, so you may be wondering if a moving container like PODS is cheaper than a moving company.

If you solely compare the cost of renting a moving container versus hiring a moving company, the container is the cheaper option. With that said, moving always has additional charges and other factors to consider.

Moving Containers

Companies like PODS work by dropping a container off at your current residence, letting you fill it up with your belongings, and then picking it up and shipping it to your new home. The reason why the price is generally cheaper than a moving company is because you have to do all of the loading and packing yourself. What’s more, there’s the chance of your items getting damaged while being moved from Point A to Point B.

Moving Companies

The exact cost of hiring a moving company will depend on who you partner with, but it’s typically higher than a storage container, and for good reason. Full-service movers will expertly load up your items, which takes the burden off of you and lowers the chance of accidents or damages. This will also speed up the process, a big benefit if you’re on a tight deadline.

If cost is a concern, a moving container may be the best option. If you want the peace of mind that your move and your belongings are in the best possible hands, a moving company is the way to go. For a company that offers honest and straightforward moving quotes, you should reach out to Buckhead Movers.