How to Spot Illegal Moving Companies

Woman sitting at a desk, looking at a laptop and writing down notesAs if there isn’t already enough to stress about when moving, there’s the added worry of dealing with a potentially illegal or phony moving company. In recent years, unfortunately, the number of fake companies trying to scam people out of money has increased. This means that you need to be on high alert when selecting a team for your next move. Here’s how to spot illegal or fraudulent moving companies:

Are Their Prices Significantly Lower?

It’s completely understandable to want the best bargain as you research movers. However, you should be suspicious of a price or estimate from a moving company that is significantly lower than the rest. This is a common trick by illegal or phony companies to draw people in.

Do They Have a Physical Location?

Typically, legit moving companies have at least one physical location for their offices and storing their trucks. If you can’t find an address for the company on an application like Apple or Google Maps, or the street view shows an unmarked building with no trucks pictured, this should raise a red flag.

Do They Want a Large or Cash-Only Down Payment?

While it’s not unheard of for moving companies to ask for a down payment, it should only be a small amount. If they ask for a significantly higher down payment, then it is likely to be a scam. Additionally, if the movers only accept cash, this is another big hint of a scam.

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