How Much Notice Does a Moving Company Need?

Woman on the phone with women holding moving boxes in the backgroundMultiple components go into a move, but one of the biggest ones is hiring a team of movers. Since it’s such an important step, you’re probably wondering how much notice a moving company needs. While earlier is always better, there are certain factors that will influence how far in advance you should schedule your moving team.

The Time of Year

Summer is peak moving season and therefore the busiest time of year for movers. Because of this, moving companies can be heavily booked. If you’re thinking of a summer move yourself, you should keep this in mind and try to schedule your move further in advance, like one to two months. For other seasons, you’re probably safe to reach out two to four weeks out.

How Far You’re Moving

A local move is a cakewalk for most moving companies. Because these moves require less of everything—time, movers, materials—you typically need to give only a week or two’s notice. When the relocation is across the state or even the country, this can require two or even three months of a heads up.

The Company You Hire

Each individual moving company knows what it is capable of handling, so timelines can vary. While many companies try to avoid tight turnarounds, Buckhead Movers works with our customers to meet their needs—even if that includes same-day service. That’s right—if you find yourself in a pinch, you can count on Buckhead thanks to our highly skilled team and flexible schedules.

Contact Buckhead Movers today to discuss scheduling your next move. Based just outside of Atlanta, we serve many local Georgia communities.