How Much Do Moving Companies Charge for Storage?

Large warehouse with boxes stored on wooden palletsNot every relocation is moving things from point A to point B. Whether you’re waiting for a new home to be built or have a delayed closing date, you may find yourself needing a place to temporarily keep your items. You can rent a unit in a storage center and bring your belongings there yourself, but did you know there’s another option? Many times, moving companies have their own storage facilities, so you can pay them to move and store your things. This is a solid option, but you may be wondering how much moving companies charge for storage.

Some factors that can impact the cost of storing your items with a moving company include:

How Long You Store Your Items

If you just need to keep your things in storage for a few weeks, a moving company may be the best—and most affordable—route to go. In fact, companies will sometimes include 30 days of storage in their moving costs, making it the clear choice if your storage needs are short-term. If you need to stow your items away for a longer period of time, like several months, a separate storage facility may be the better option.

If You Need to Access Anything

Maybe you put a jacket or bag in storage that you’ll end up needing. Obtaining stored items is doable with most storage centers, but not with moving companies. That’s because their storage warehouses are very secure and can store their items very high up, only making them accessible with a forklift.

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