How Do Local Moving Companies in Marietta, GA, Charge?

Local Moving Company If you live in Marietta, Georgia, or a surrounding area, and are looking for a local moving company to help you with your move, you’re likely wondering how they charge for their services. While all moving companies have different policies depending on what you’re moving and how far you’re moving, in most cases a local moving company will usually charge you an hourly rate. However, just because a company charges you a lower hourly rate than another doesn’t mean that company will be cheaper. That’s because some local moving companies will quote a low hourly rate, but they will use a small truck and just a couple movers for the job. This means that they will have to take more trips, and won’t be able to load the truck as fast, making it more expensive than a company that uses large trucks and more movers, even though their hourly rate might be higher.

Buckhead Movers – A Step Above Other Local Moving Companies

When you’re looking for a local moving company to help with your move to or from the Marietta, GA, area, Buckhead Movers is the company to call. That’s because we use top-of-the-line trucks that are bigger than the trucks used by most other moving companies and that are equipped with a number of safety features to ensure your belongings end up at your final destination in the same condition that they left in. What’s more, we never use unvetted subcontractors, but rather full-time employees who have passed background checks and drug tests, allowing you to feel confident your belongings will be in good hands.

Let Us Help with Your Move

When you need help moving to or from the Marietta, GA, area, don’t bother with any other local moving companies and just give Buckhead Movers a call. We look forward to working with you to making your move a breeze.