How Far in Advance Should You Schedule Movers?

Young couple packing boxes and looking at moving checklist

Moving can be a stressful process for so many reasons, with the timeline being a big one. It can be difficult trying to sort out and pinpoint the closing and move-in dates, which are especially important to know if you plan on hiring a moving company. To go along with this point, there’s the follow-up question of how far in advance you should schedule movers. The short, easy answer is to hire them as soon as you have a date set in stone—the earlier the better. However, the distance that you’re moving will greatly influence how far in advance you should lock down your moving company. Here’s a time frame for each category:

Same-City Moves

Generally speaking, a move within the same city should be the easiest to schedule and complete. Most local movers will likely want at least 2-4 weeks’ notice, but some could require a whole month if it’s in peak moving season while others might offer last-minute services.

State-Wide Moves

A move across the state will warrant a bit more advanced notice to your moving company. If possible, try to schedule your movers at least 8-10 weeks in advance. This way, they can account for the extra distance and time needed to travel across the state and back.

Cross-Country Moves

A move across the country will require the most advanced notice. It’s recommended to schedule a cross-country move at least 12 weeks prior, ensuring that the movers have plenty of time to prepare for the project and the trip.

Buckhead Movers Completes Moves of All Distances

Of course, not all moving timelines and situations are perfect and you may be able to follow these suggestions to a tee. An experienced moving company like Buckhead Movers completely understands this, and will work with you to try to accommodate your moving dates and needs. We’re also proud to offer relocations for any distance, including across the country, so wherever you’re going, we can help you make it happen!

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