How Do Movers Charge?

How Do Movers Charge?

It’s no secret that moving costs money. There are factors you can’t control like the security deposits, closing costs, and homeowners or renters insurance, but you can potentially save some money by hand-picking the right moving company. While some people forgo this step altogether and try to move all their belongings themselves, it can be worth the cost to ultimately save yourself the time and stress. As you research moving companies and try to get a quote, you may be wondering exactly how movers charge. While it varies by company, most movers will charge based on:

The Size of Your Move

The more stuff you have, the more movers will charge. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to count every piece of furniture or box you have; many moving companies will simply ask how many bedrooms for a residential move. This generally gives them a good idea of the scope of your belongings.

Labor Needed

This factor goes hand in hand with the size of your move. The number of movers that will be needed to transport your items will directly influence the amount that they will charge. This ensures not only that enough labor is provided to accommodate your move but also that the movers are adequately paid for their work.

Distance Traveled

Moving companies need to account for how far their trucks—and drivers—are going to travel during your move. A quick relocation across town will therefore cost less than a move across the country.

Taxes & Tolls

Local movers are regulated on a state level, so this influences how they charge and operate in different markets. In addition to certain state taxes and fees, there may also be tolls on some roads needed to travel to your new address. If that ends up being the case, that will be factored into the overall moving cost as well.

Additional Supplies

Unless you’re an avid online shopper and keep all the packages that your purchases come in, it might be hard to find enough boxes to pack up all of your belongings. You can either buy boxes and other moving supplies like tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper yourself, or you can have the moving company supply these for you. If you choose to have the movers bring the necessary materials, it will also be another charge.

When ultimately hiring a moving company, you should ask for a thorough breakdown of their charges and never be blindsided by hidden costs. Buckhead Movers is proud to be a company that Georgia residents can rely on for honest, upfront quotes and dedicated, reliable moving services. Contact us today to get an estimate for your upcoming move.