Household Moving Atlanta GAWhen packing up in preparation of your household moving process in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, it is important to do so in an organized fashion, and this is especially true for the items in the bathroom. By following the tips below, packing up the bathroom can go smoothly and finding important items after the household moving process is complete will be easier as well.

  • Purge all expired medicine – Since it is not safe to use these medications anymore, prior to the move is an excellent time to rid your bathroom of expired medications. If you cannot read the label on a bottle or are not sure what it is, then you should also discard it.
  • Use small boxes – Since the items in the bathroom tend to be smaller bottles and containers anyway, using small boxes makes it easier to keep these items organized.
  • Use bath towels to pad the boxes – You may have glass containers, such as perfume bottles, with your bathroom items, so you can kill two birds with one stone by packing your bath towels along with these items to act as padding.
  • Throw away or use up bathroom cleaners – Most household moving crews in Atlanta will not transport items such as cleaners with bleach or ammonia, since these can be hazardous, should they leak during transport.

The household moving team at Buckhead Movers is here to help you with an efficient relocation in the Atlanta, GA, area. We also offer packing and unpacking services, so we can help get your bathroom packed up quickly and in an organized fashion. For more information on our moving services, contact Buckhead Movers today.