Do You Tip Moving Companies?

Mover holding a box in one hand and giving a thumbs up with cash in his other handThe right movers can make your relocation significantly less stressful. As you watch them work and handle all of your important items, you may wonder if you should reward them for their efforts. Sure, you’ve agreed upon a certain payment or rate for their services, but is this similar to dining out or getting a haircut, where you tip in addition to the actual payment?

Is It Appropriate?

While the act of tipping should be seen as positive, it somehow has a negative undertone. This can make you hesitant to tip your movers and wonder if it’s appropriate. Don’t worry—it is absolutely appropriate, and appreciated! A tip is an extra way to thank your moving team for their hard work.

How Much Should I Tip?

Now that we’ve established you can tip your moving company, the next question is, “how much?” There’s no right or wrong answer, but if you’re really concerned with logistics, you’re probably safe tipping each mover $4 to $5 per hour, or tipping between 5-10% of the total cost.

Tipping Alternatives

There may be some situations where you’re spending all that you can just to hire movers, or you forget to grab cash on the day of the move. If you’re unable to tip your moving company with money, you can show your appreciation in other ways, like giving them cold drinks or buying them lunch.

Tipping will be your only money question when you hire Buckhead Movers, as we offer straightforward and upfront moving quotes. So, you’ll know from the get-go how much your move is going to cost and decide how much you’d like to tip based off that amount. Contact us today to discuss your residential or commercial moving needs.