Do Moving Companies Work on Weekends?

Women hand planning schedule in calendar at office deskA majority of people work Monday through Friday and have the weekend as their free time. This means that personal tasks, like moving, often get done on Saturdays and Sundays. While you may not be working on the weekend, you’re hoping that moving companies are. Good news: Almost all movers work on the weekends. However, while this may be the most convenient option for you, it may also be the more expensive one.

Weekend Moves: Pros & Cons

For many people, PTO is like gold. And unless you have unlimited time off, you probably want to use your days off for enjoyable activities. This means less ideal tasks like moving are often performed on the weekend when you already have the day off. And if you live with a significant other or roommate, they’re also most likely free on the weekend, making it easier to coordinate your schedules.

While you can save some PTO by moving on a Saturday or Sunday, you’ll probably end up spending a little bit more money. Moving quotes for weekend moves are generally higher in price than those for weekday relocations. Movers have busy schedules and weekends are when they’re most in-demand, so it makes sense for them to charge slightly more.

Buckhead Movers Is Here to Help With Your Next Move

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