Do Moving Companies Work in the Rain?

You can try your best to plan ahead for your move—scheduling the right moving company, buying all the necessary supplies, and packing up as much as you can—but one thing you can’t plan for is unexpected weather. This is a curveball that can amplify an already-stressful day. What will happen to all of your belongings as they’re moved in the rain? Do moving companies even work in the rain? They’ll of course try their best, but it depends on:

How Severe the Weather Is

‘Rain’ is a general term. If you’re dealing with a light sprinkle, or even a fairly steady rainfall, your movers shouldn’t be slowed down all that much. You may want to keep a few towels unpacked, though, to wipe things down.

It gets tricky when the rain is a heavy downpour and accompanied by strong winds or lightning. These conditions can be more dangerous to move in; nobody wants movers carrying heavy items to tumble from a gust of wind or trying to drive with an obstructed line of sight.

What to Do If It’s Raining the Day of Your Move

If it does end up raining on the day of your move, you can take a few extra precautions to ensure it goes off without a hitch. Be sure to:

  • Clear stairs, walkways, and other areas of debris that could become slippery in the rain.
  • Wrap your belongings in plastic, blankets, towels, or other protective materials.
  • Avoid carrying metal pieces and appliances if there is lightning nearby.
  • Stay in contact with your moving company in case the weather changes for the worse.

If you still have questions about moving in the rain, you can speak with a knowledgeable team member at Buckhead Movers. Contact us today.