For Construction Storage in Atlanta, GA, Turn to Buckhead Movers

Construction Storage Atlanta GAAre you planning a renovation that will require you to store away some of your items? Perhaps you’ve hired remodelers to transform your bathroom or to rejuvenate your kitchen. Regardless of the construction project you’re planning, if you need storage in Atlanta, Georgia, you can count on Buckhead Movers. Although we’re known for completing local, state-to-state, and international relocations since 1985, we’re proud to say that we also offer construction storage.

We offer residents a variety of options when it comes to storage. For instance, we can store your items in a large trailer, seal it up, and open it when you want to retrieve your items. We also offer receiving warehouse services, which means that if you’re receiving any items, such as furniture or decorations, we can accept them in your name and store them for you, delivering them once you’re ready.

We also have a highly secure, 100,000 square-foot storage facility, where we can put you items in wooden crates and pack them with protective material, such as Styrofoam and bubble wrap. When it comes to delicate belongings like chandeliers, glass tables, and marble tops, we can closely measure each item and build a crate for it prior to receiving it. Once your items are crated, we’ll place them in areas that can only be accessed through the use of a forklift, further ensuring their safety

To learn more about the construction storage Buckhead Movers offers residents of Atlanta, GA, or to inquire about our small business warehouse options, contact us today. It’ll be our pleasure to offer you a highly accurate quote and tell you about our moving services.